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A Monk’s Life

Nationalism is not Faith

At the risk of offending a reader or two, I feel the need to go on record and say that God is not an American.  You may want to take a couple of deep breaths…Neither is God any other nationality for that matter.  God transcends human constraints. We have this nasty habit of trying to…

Setting Godly Goals

In lieu of New Year’s Resolutions, I opt for goal setting. Maybe it’s just semantics, but I am convinced that relying on my own merit- which I will do if I am trying to keep a resolution- will lead to less than desirable results. When I set out to achieve things that I know are…

A Season of Giving

It’s true what they say about the spirit of giving being heightened at this time of year. In spite of our being a small fellowship, we have been blessed to bless others through the generosity and compassion of a few. To date, we have served more than 400 people a hot lunch through the Master’s…

A Time to Prepare

Preparation is a critical part of nearly everything we do.  Sure, spontaneity is great and adds an element of excitement.  But the absence of intentionally working toward a goal can rob us of the richness of the fuller experience. The season Advent in Christian Church circles is a time preparing.  For four weeks the worshipping…

Why Revival Doesn’t Happen

I have been reading a series of devotionals from A.W. Tozer on the topic of revival.  It reminded me of a question one of my professors in seminary once made regarding the “audacity” of the modern church to schedule a revival:  “How can we expect to set a date on the calendar and expect the…

The Marks of Maturity

I run into a lot of people who are very active in their church. Some have perfect attendance. Some have a long record of service in various capacities within the organization. Still others can tell you their favorite hymn or praise and worship song. But if I press, and often I do, they have very…

Rules and Rocks

Opinions vary as to how much depending on who you ask, but most major religious surveys agree on the overarching (and somewhat alarming) data that shows church attendance is on the rapid decline. This trend is no respecter of denominations, as the mainline Christian church across the board continues to decrease in numbers.